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Current state of free UML-tools

I recently changed jobs from working on a project with code-generation and modeling component to a job without this. In my old job I have learned to value the importance of modeling future designs and documenting your architecture using UML-models. We had the good fortune than to need a specific commercial editor called MagicDraw for our code generation framework based on Eclipse. Although rather too complicated in the beginning it had become a very useful tool for me.

Now at my new job I started with getting to know the codebase and creating some documentation along the way. As we don’t have a requirement for code generation. there are no licenses available for any commercial UML editor and I began searching for a freely available commercially usable alternative. To cut a long story short; all the solutions lack either in functionality or ease-of-use.

My requirements for an UML-tool for documentation are very simple:

  • class diagrams which support generalization, association and aggregation with multiplicities and names
  • sequence diagrams that support reflexive messages, normal messages and returns with names
  • drawing functions that stick to objects and let me click to edit names and multiplicities
  • some automatic logic for sequence diagrams that creates horizontal lines for the messages
  • some automatic layout functions that let me drag and reorder objects and leaves everything else intact
  • modern-looking graphics (UML diagrams are already dry, the graphics don't have to overemphasize that though)

The most often cited tools are argoUML, StarUML, BOUML, violet and umlet. Except violet they all have the required functionality. Violet is just too basic for what I need. The problem is the ease-of-use because they either have too many dialogs when editing or they won’t let you edit text easily or rearrange the elements for a different layout. I found an unlikely half-decent alternative in the UML component of the Java-IDE JDeveloper (get the studio edition). It supports the automatic layout functions I want somewhat but beware of some moves which make it move all the labels away from their respective lines. This is a real PITA and I’m still on the lookout for some good modern-looking contender. One possible tools for class diagrams could be, which is a web app that uses a straightforward syntax to allow you to describe associations with all the details. I’m going to try it soon, but I still need sth. for sequence diagrams.