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Demo against ACTA in Hannover: ACTA eunt domus!

Around 400 protesters gathered in Hannover to protest against ACTA last Saturday. When everybody else shopped eagerly in the city center of Hannover the protesters were mostly met with incomprehension by older people that also shouted “Stop this” – maybe referring to the shouts “Stop ACTA” – or amusement and curiosity by younger people “What are they shouting?”. Most of the protester were very young, which seems to support the thesis that this is a new generation protecting their freedom. It could also mean that a lot of people have become numb against the constant whistle blowing against repressive laws. Nevertheless for me and probably some other people too, it was the first protest against such a law, that they participated in and there’s certainly also a growing group of people that not only oppose repressive laws, but are also willing to move their lazy asses to give a more visible sign of opposition. At least many of the shoppers must have asked themselves what this protest is for and must have gotten some food for thought.

Here are some more photos from the demonstration.

ACTA eunt domus

P.S.: “ACTA eunt domus” is a reference to the film “Life of Brian”.