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open-source firmware for canon DSLRs

While researching the open-source firmware for canon compact cameras, I found out that there similar projects for some of the recent new DSLRs from Canon. There’s 400plus for the EOS 400D/XTi, which features scripting support and a whole lot more control on the exposure and ISO.

Magic Lantern logo

And there’s Magic Lantern which supports the 550D/T2i/Kiss X4, 60D and 600D/T3i/Kiss X5 and it has partial support for the 50D, 5D Mark II and 500D/T1i. Magic Lantern also offers more refined exposure control, different methods for focusing, long running timelapse photos, shooting several shots for HDR and motion detection.

Magic Lantern Install Tutorial from Chadwick Shoults on Vimeo.

I would be very excited to try this, but unfortunately my camera is exactly this one model that was left out from the firmware projects; the EOS 450D. Lucky me, I guess, but now I have another reason to get a new camera body ;-).