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Reviving iPod Touch 1G

Since the start of this year my trusty iPod Touch, aka our (internet) radio, stopped working. With its old OS version, the new app version isn’t compatible anymore. So what to do? With Android you could probably install an alternative ROM and be done with it. You can’t do this with iOS because the binary format of apps changed with newer iPhones and iPods. Nice example of planned obsolescence, eh?

How I got this to work? Open-source to the rescue :-) With an alternative firmware called whited00r, you can install the last compatible version of many apps instead of trying to find a compatible version by trial-and-error. With this AppTimeMachine I found an older internet radio app, that still worked, and the iPod has kept its old place next to the stereo for another day ;-) Whited00r also gives you an iOS 7 look and feel and some other iOS 7 features that I don’t care much for. They also support iPod Touch 2G and iPhone 2G/3G.

As always the installation was a bit tricky, make sure:

  • do a backup first if you have important data
  • to connect the device directly to the computer instead of via a hub/keyboard…
  • follow the instructions to hold various keys for various durations to the letter (there can be sooo many combinations)
  • have patience (updating, restoring, rebooting takes a lot of time)